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Easy Plum Jam - It's Not Complicated Recipes #plums #jam #jamrecipes #fruit #fruitrecipes #glutenfree #easyrecipes

This Easy Plum Jam is a great way to make the most of a quantity of plump, juicy, sweet plums. When you make this jam you will have your produce to enjoy all year long. That is if it lasts that long!

A good, home-made Plum Jam is a useful and tasty addition to your pantry.

It is a delicious condiment, bursting with flavour and extremely versatile. I most frequently enjoy it for breakfast on toast. However, you can serve it with pancakes, swirl through a plain cake batter, include a dollop in a muffin or enjoy with a scone and cream. Or, whip up a batch of my Gluten Free Jam Shortbreads! They are beautiful with my Plum or Apricot Jam!

Over recent days I have been happily engaged making this Plum Jam for a dear friend. I am making the jam for her forthcoming wedding. She has chosen to give a jar to each of her guests.

This recipe for Easy Plum Jam is very simple; there are just 4 ingredients and one of them is water!

There are no unwelcome additives, artificial preservatives or thickeners that you may find in a commercially prepared jam.   For me, one of the most important parts of home cooking is the knowledge that I control the quality of the ingredients.

If you haven’t had any experience with jam making, my Easy Plum Jam is a great place to start.

To begin, remove any blemishes from the fruit. Cut the fruit in half, remove the stone and cut the pieces in half again. Add the quartered plums, along with some water, to a large, wide saucepan. Bring the fruit to a gentle simmer, stirring occasionally. Cook with the lid on until the fruit is soft. Then, add the sugar and lemon juice and stir until the sugar dissolves. Bring the fruit to a rolling boil, stirring frequently to ensure that it does not catch on the bottom of the pan and burn. After about 5 minutes of rapid boiling, I check for setting point. Setting point is the stage at which the jam will firm up. It is the time to ladle it into jars.

There are several ways to check for setting point. Firstly, there is the temperature method.  To use this method, you will need a sugar thermometer. Clip the thermometer to the side of your pan. When the thermometer reads 104C/220F the jam is ready. Alternatively, there is the “wrinkle test” and this is the method that I use. Whilst the fruit is softening I place 2 saucers in the freezer. To test if the jam will set, I spoon a small amount onto the chilled saucer. After a minute I push the jam with a fingertip. If the jam wrinkles, even slightly, it will set. However, if it is still liquid I return the jam to the heat and test again in a further 5 minutes. When it is ready I ladle it into hot, sterilised jars and seal with sterilised lids.

You will not have any difficulty getting this Plum Jam to set as plums are quite high in pectin.

Pectin is a naturally occurring starch which is found in varying degrees in fruits and vegetables. It is what makes jams and jellies firm when they are cool. When combined with acid and sugar, and cooked to a high temperature, it forms a gel. In this recipe, I add a small amount of lemon juice. The acid component of the lemon juice aids with the setting.

If you are new to jam making and the resulting jam is too thick or too thin, please don’t be discouraged. If it is thick, serve it alongside a wedge of cheese – it is beautiful with full flavoured cheddar or fresh goat cheese. If it is quite thin, use it as an ice-cream topping or swirl it through plain yoghurt.

I have made a basic Plum Jam with the sweet-tart flavour of the fresh plums shining through.

It is delicious and the vibrant, ruby-red shade of the jam is beautiful. The colour, of course, will depend on the variety of plum that you use.

However, if you prefer, you could add some spices to the jam. Plums love spices, such as star anise and cinnamon. To include them, place them in a square of muslin, tie it securely with kitchen twine and boil them with the jam. You could include some orange rind in the muslin too if you wish. Or, you could make Plum Jam with vanilla by including the pods and the scraped out seeds of 2 vanilla pods.

I do hope you will try this recipe for Easy Plum Jam.

Home-made jam is a real treat. You may also like to try my recipes for Spiced Poached Plums, Mini Plum Tartlets or Peach and Plum Crumble.

Please let me know in the comments below if you make this recipe.
Alex xx

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Easy Plum Jam
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Easy Plum Jam

Home-made jam is always better than store bought. Try this Easy Plum Jam and enjoy your produce throughout the coming year – if it lasts that long.

Course Condiment
Cuisine Australian
Keyword condiment, delicious, easy, edible gift, homemade jam, jam, plum, plum jam, simple
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes
Servings 11 medium jars
Calories 611 kcal
Author Alexandra


  • 2 kg plums
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1.5 kg granulated sugar *
  • 1 1/2 tbsp lemon juice *


  • 11 medium sized sterilised jars with metal lids see below for details


To Sterilise the Jars:

  1. Choose glass jars with an airtight, metal lid. Wash the jars and lids. If washing by hand use hot, soapy water and then rinse them well. Alternatively, wash them in the dishwasher.

    Preheat the oven to 130 Degrees C (270F).

    Check that the metal lids do not have rubber inserts. Place jars and lids on a baking tray. Heat in the oven for at least 20 minutes, then remove and immediately fill with jam.

To Make the Jam:

  1. Place 2 small plates or saucers in the freezer to chill*.

  2. Wash the plums and remove any blemishes. Halve the plums and remove the stones.

  3. Cut the halves in half again. If you don’t want your jam to have chunks of fruit, cut the plums into eighths. Alternatively, use a stick blender to make it a little finer textured before you add the sugar.

  4. Place the plums and water in a large, wide saucepan*.

  5. Bring the plums to a simmer over low-medium heat. Stir occasionally using a long-handled wooden spoon*.

  6. Cover the pot and cook, stirring occasionally, until the plums are soft, 15-20 minutes. At this stage, if you prefer less chunky jam, you could blend it using a hand-held stick blender. Take off the heat to do this.

  7. Add the sugar and lemon juice. Stir frequently until the sugar dissolves.

  8. Increase the heat and bring to a rolling boil for 5-15 minutes*. You need to be vigilant at this point. Stir frequently to avoid the jam catching and burning on the bottom of the pan.

  9. Skim the foam from the jam as it rises.

  10. After about 5 minutes rapid boiling, turn the heat off under the jam. Spoon a small amount of jam onto a chilled plate or saucer to check if it is starting to set.

    I use the wrinkle test. When the jam has cooled, push it gently with your fingertip. If it wrinkles, even slightly, it is ready. If it remains liquid, put the jam back on the heat for a further 5 minutes and check again. See the Notes if you would prefer to use a thermometer*.

  11. When the jam reaches setting point, skim further if necessary and remove from the heat. Stand about 10 minutes to allow the jam to settle. This will ensure any pieces of fruit will be evenly distributed throughout the jam. Without standing, the pieces of fruit will rise to the top.

  12. Stir the jam and carefully ladle it into the heated, sterilised jars. You need to be very careful. A splash or spill from hot jam would result in a serious burn. I recommend that you wear clothing with long sleeves. Additionally, this is not the occasion to have children nearby.

  13. Seal the jars tightly with sterilised lids.

    Remove any spills from the sides of the jars. Label and store the jam in a cool, dark place.

    When using the jam, always use a clean, dry spoon to avoid contamination. After opening a jar, as a further precaution, store it in the refrigerator.

Recipe Notes

*The plums I used for this jam were quite sweet so I used a fruit/jam ratio of 1 kilo of fruit to ¾ kilo of sugar. If the fruit you use is slightly unripe and quite tart you may need to use a ratio of equal weight fruit and sugar.
*The Australian tablespoon is 20ml or 4 teaspoons. In many other countries the tablespoon is 15ml or 3 teaspoons. Please adjust the measurement if necessary.
*Fresh lemon juice not only balances the sweetness of the sugar, it also helps the pectin set the jam.
*The chilled plates are used to quickly cool the jam when testing setting point.
*Always choose your widest saucepan that has enough height to enable the jam to boil vigorously. More surface area means the liquid will evaporate faster; having sufficient height means you can boil the jam at a higher heat.
*Do not use a metal spoon, it will become very hot. A long-handled wooden spoon is important to avoid being burnt by a splash from boiling jam.
*My jam reached setting point about 5 minutes after it began to boil rapidly. Boiling time will vary depending on the size of your saucepan and the heat that you apply.
*You can also check for setting point by using the temperature method. To use this method, you will need a sugar thermometer. Clip the thermometer to the side of your pan. When the thermometer reads 104C/220F the jam is ready.
*The colour of the jam will vary depending on the variety of fruit that you use.
*You can make jam with just a small quantity of fruit. If you use a smaller quantity of fruit the jam will set in a shorter time. You’re not restricted to using plums; if you’re able to access other lovely stone fruits use those instead, they all make delicious jam.
*Do not reduce the amount of sugar. Whilst the sugar sweetens the fruit it also acts as a preservative and helps the jam to set. If you reduce the sugar, your jam may go mouldy.
* You can use recycled jars with metal lids that are in good condition. Choose glass jars with tight-fitting lids and ensure the lids do not have rubber inserts.
*If your finished jam has not set as much as you would like, don’t worry, it will still be delicious stirred into some plain yoghurt or served over our no-churn vanilla ice cream. Or if it is slightly over-set and is very firm, it will be a lovely accompaniment on a cheese board.
*It is best to ladle the jam into hot jars to avoid them cracking.
*Please note, the nutrition information is based on one whole jar.

Nutrition Facts
Easy Plum Jam
Amount Per Serving
Calories 611
% Daily Value*
Sodium 1mg0%
Potassium 285mg8%
Carbohydrates 157g52%
Fiber 2g8%
Sugar 154g171%
Protein 1g2%
Vitamin A 625IU13%
Vitamin C 18.1mg22%
Calcium 12mg1%
Iron 0.4mg2%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Easy Plum Jam
Easy Plum Jam - It's Not Complicated Recipes #plums #jam #jamrecipes #fruit #fruitrecipes #glutenfree #easyrecipes
Easy Plum Jam - It's Not Complicated Recipes #plums #jam #jamrecipes #fruit #fruitrecipes #glutenfree #easyrecipes

  • 41
  • 1
  • 277
  • 41
  • 1
  • 277

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  4. 5 stars
    This would make such a lovely gift. Your friend is lucky for her wedding – so nice. I look forward to trying myself.

  5. Wow! This looks divine! I have never thought of making jam before, but this looks straightforward and delicious, and it’s only 4 ingredients!

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    I’ve never had plum jam before 🙁 The recipe is so simple and straightforward, will try to make it. Thank you so so much.

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    You make this look so easy! I think I’m going to try this with my kids this weekend! Thanks for sharing

  8. I have never in my life tried plum jam! I honestly have not even thought about using plums to make jam. What a great idea!

    1. Hi Tandy, I agree, not all jam recipes require water. However, the variety of plum that I used did not readily release its juice so it needed a helping hand. Let me know if you make it without sugar; I’ll be very interested to hear. 🙂 🙂

  9. 5 stars
    I have never tried to make this kind of jam recipe and I would love to try it, it look so good and tasty and so easy to make.

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    I have always loving plum flavor and love bread toast. I guess this is great for my breakfast toast spread. Love it is quite easy to make as it only take a little more than an hour.

  11. I love homemade jam it’s the best. we’re lucky where we live we have blackberry bushes at the end of our garden my husband is always jam in the summer. Fab recipe i haven’t tried plum jam before but it sounds delicous

  12. 5 stars
    I’ve made jams a couple of times before, but it’s been years. Good to know about plums containing a high amount of pectin! This sounds like a delicious recipe, and it’s so sweet of you to make this for your friend’s wedding. I love that personal touch!

  13. I love plums! When it is season we have to save it somehow because even I can not eat it all. Making jam out of it is great option. plus it’s great for baking, my husband also likes adding some to his oatmeal

  14. 5 stars
    This looks delicious! I haven’t made jam before, but you’ve inspired me to try this out!

    1. Hi Lorraine, homemade jam is certainly a treat. I agree; it doesn’t last long. So many ways to use it and it’s lovely to give as small gifts. 🙂

  15. I love simple recipes with few ingredients. Nice to see a jam recipe without preservatives. Our plum season is almost past but there’s still another few on the tree so I think I’ll whip this up with the last of them.

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    This sounds so good. I think it will be so delicious with my waffles. I really love different kinds of jam.

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    This looks really delicious and so easy to make. Homemade jam is really the best for me!

  18. I usually make plum jam every year, but this year, for the first time in 16 years of living here, the bloody birds stripped all of our plums. So annoying!

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    I love making my own jam and dont bother buying it from the supermarket anymore. I usually use berries but plum jam sounds incredible! And I love that it doesnt need any pectine too!

  20. My mom used to make plum jam every autumn, when I was little. She used to store it in the pantry and we had jam for the entire winter. I remember how good it was, but also how hot it was in the kitchen when she would boil the plums with the sugar. 🙂

    1. Hi Joanna, what lovely memories. I certainly relate to heat in the kitchen; we’ve had a very hot summer and I made several batches of jam over the hot days. 🙂

  21. My son just told me that he hates plums which to be honest I think it’s a joke, I might as well make this and tell him it’s strawberries lol. He would never notice.

  22. Now this sounds absolutely amazing! I have to admit I can’t remember the last time I have plum jam but I bet it is extra special when you make your own.

  23. 5 stars
    We are planning on planting an orchard this year and I was on the fence about adding plum trees. Now I know we definitely will be including plums in the mix. This jam looks so beautifully delicious!

  24. Yum! Sounds great. I’m all about anything good for your gut and I know plums are. I’m going to make a lot more jams this summer, this is a GREAT recipe to start with!

  25. 5 stars
    So it’s this easy to actually make jam? That’s awesome since I’ve never made jam before and I hate buying processed jam which can be too sugary.

    1. Hi Dalene, it isn’t difficult but does require your attention for a time. However, I think it’s worth the effort. It is a real luxury to have homemade jam. 🙂

  26. When I saw the ingredients, I was like,” Are you kidding me? ” 😉 This is so simple and looks so lavish. Definitely will try this plum jam 😀

  27. Alex, how come your plums look to rich and healthy? We don’t grow plums here as they are all imported but they never, ever look so rich like yours. We do grow strawberries but they are quite pricey. Maybe it is time for me to visit a strawberry farm.

  28. I’ve always loved Plum cake so I’m very sure I’ll love Plum jam!! It can go with so mant things! Bread, pancakes, paratha! Great little fix!

  29. Mmm, this looks absolutely amazing. I’ve never tried plum jam before! Bookmarking!

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  31. We love to eat plums and have some trees in the garden. They mostly have so many fruits that we don’t know what to do with all of them. Thanks for the great recipe, we will try this as soon as they are ready

  32. Jam looks very nice and super easy to make. I wonder if it works as good with other fruits (proportion wise). I love plums so much I can’t seam to push myself to make a jam out of it

    1. Lyosha, I generally use these proportions. I first weigh the fruit. The sugar is 3/4 that weight. However, if the fruit is sharp, as raspberries can be, I will use a little more sugar. Good luck. 🙂

  33. Yum! I’ve made a few different jams lately but I’ve not tried plum jam. I’ll have to try this one next!

  34. Wow I would have never guessed jam is so easy. I like eating it but was always intimidated to make it. Plus you can save it for a while.

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  37. I’m not sure I’ve ever had this type of jam but it looks good. Reminds me of my grandfather, he loved making preserves and Jams.

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