Onion Patties – Vegan and Gluten Free

Onion Patties

If you like crispy onion rings, (and who doesn’t?) but you don’t like deep frying, these Onion Patties are just the thing. Let me start by saying, you really must try these, they are SO good. They are crisp, full of caramelised onion flavour and they are shallow fried. In addition to these wonderful characteristics, they are also suitable for … Read More

Mixed Seed Crackers – Gluten and Dairy Free

Mixed Seed Crackers

These Mixed Seed Crackers really exceeded my expectations. I suppose, truth be told, my expectations were fairly low. I’ve wanted to try them for some time but I was a little hesitant, feeling that something that looked like bird food may not be really enjoyable. Well, I was wrong and I’m now convinced the birds are onto something! The crackers … Read More

Cannellini Bean Dip

Cannelini Bean Dip

This Cannellini Bean Dip is my go-to appetiser when I want something that’s quickly and easily prepared. My inspiration for this simple recipe came from a holiday in Italy. Some years ago Faye and I stayed for four days in the beautiful Umbrian hill town of Assisi. We ate at a delightful restaurant on several occasions and each time enjoyed … Read More

Dill Pickled Cucumbers

Dill Pickled Cucumbers

Dill Pickled Cucumbers – a delicious store cupboard staple! These Bread and Butter Dill Pickled Cucumbers are the result of a visit this morning to the Adelaide Central Market. I came upon some locally grown, freshly picked, young Lebanese cucumbers and I knew immediately how I would like to use them. I like to always have a jar of these … Read More

Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Vegan Chocolate Mousse in Martini Glasses

Vegan Chocolate Mousse is my latest obsession! Made with just 5 ingredients this easily prepared Chocolate Mousse is decadently rich and delicious. It is smooth, creamy, and chocolatey, and takes just minutes to prepare. Everyone needs a few go-to desserts in their repertoire. Chocolate Mousse is one of mine; it is a classic and one which I frequently prepare so … Read More

Balsamic Glaze

Balsamic Glaze with oil and bread

Balsamic Glaze holds true value as a condiment. Reducing inexpensive balsamic vinegar with some brown sugar is an easy method that produces a syrupy glaze with complex sweet and tangy flavours; it takes less than 15 minutes to make and contains just 2 ingredients. I like to have some on hand at all times. Once you start adding this glaze … Read More

Preserved Chillies in Oil

Preserved Chillies in Oil

Preserved Chillies in Oil are an ideal way to enhance the flavour of a dish. I first came across this style of chilli some years ago at our favourite pizza restaurant. The owner had a personal jar of preserved chillies, his own personal stash. Knowing how much I enjoyed them, he brought them out whenever we dined there. I asked … Read More

Broccoli and Potato Soup

Broccoli and Potato Soup

Broccoli and Potato Soup is satisfying, smooth and creamy. However, the great advantage of this soup is that it uses potatoes to provide a creamy texture so that no heavy cream is required. It is quick and easy to make, lovely to eat and extremely nutritious. Made from simple ingredients, it is quick to prepare and you can have it … Read More

Vegan Cashew Cream

Cashew cream in a bowl

This easily made delicious Vanilla Cashew Cream is sure to become a favourite. It is vegan – meaning it is suitable for those on a plant-based diet, or lactose intolerant. Or, perhaps for people who just want a more nutritious condiment. I had so much fun creating our Vegan Tofu Sesame Toasts recipe for my friend Natalie at http://www.doesitwork.tv recently, that I decided … Read More

Easy Strawberry Sauce

Easy Strawberry Sauce

Easy Strawberry Sauce – a delicious addition to any dessert! With strawberry season almost here in Australia, I would like to share this quick and easy recipe for a delicious strawberry sauce. One of the great advantages of making things at home is that you know exactly what they contain and you get to make them just the way you … Read More