Soy Roasted Almonds

Soy Roasted Almonds are a delicious snack that takes minutes to prepare. You can enjoy them served warm straight from the oven or make them in advance and serve cool. They are a delicious nibble served with your beverage of choice. Enjoy with my Strawberry Prosecco or Cosmopolitan. I also love to keep the almonds on hand for when I … Read More

Baked Stuffed Mushrooms

My Baked Stuffed Mushrooms are delicious and easily prepared. Even non-mushroom lovers will be won over – and I speak from a personal perspective. I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms but I really enjoy them when prepared this way. Part of the reason that I dislike mushrooms is textural; there can be a sliminess which I find off-putting. However, … Read More

Bacon and Onion Tarts

These Bacon and Onion Tarts are not dissimilar to a mini quiche. They’re simple to make, and utterly delicious. Best of all, you can cook them prior to your guests’ arrival and reheat just before serving. I do love something you can prepare in advance! I serve these tarts frequently at my dinner parties – they’re the perfect pre-dinner nibble, … Read More

Chocolate Coated Strawberries

Chocolate Coated Strawberries are the perfect expression of love. They are quickly and easily made, and in their simplest form require just 2 ingredients; chocolate and strawberries. They are a perfect dessert for Valentine’s Day, a special gift on Mother’s Day or a romantic end to a dinner for two. They are always popular when served at parties, or make … Read More

Cheese and Herb Filo Pie

You will find many occasions to serve this Easy Greek Cheese and Herb Pie. It meets all the required criteria for my favourite recipes. It is quickly and easily made and is full of flavour. Furthermore, you can assemble it in just 20 minutes and while it bakes there is time to prepare a salad to accompany it. If you … Read More

Tasty Dips for Entertaining

Today I want to share with you six of my favourite Tasty Dips recipes! These easy to make recipes will help make your entertaining a breeze, as they can all be prepared in advance, and are packed full of flavour! Like most things, homemade really is BEST. Dips are no exception to this rule. I hope you’ll see from how … Read More

Top Ten Recipes of 2018

Welcome to our Top Ten Recipes of 2018! Hello everyone, and a very Happy New Year! Here is to a happy, safe and enjoyable 2019. A new year often brings about a lot of reflection. It is a time for new beginnings and resolutions. In reflecting on 2018, I selected my Top Ten Recipes. Starting the blog in the middle … Read More

Sweet Treats for New Year’s Eve

These Sweet Treats will be a perfect edition to your celebration! Yesterday, we shared some of our favourite Savoury Appetisers, ideal for a party or when you’re entertaining. Today, I offer up five of my favourite Sweet Treats. Indeed, there really is something for everyone in this collection of delicious delights. In order to be a fabulous host, naturally, you … Read More

Savoury Appetisers for New Year’s Eve

Welcome the New Year in style with these stylish and delicious Savoury Appetisers. We wanted to share some of our favourite recipes with you – and best of all, they can be prepared in advance, leaving you a relaxed host. New Year’s Eve is arguably the most festive night of the year. These simple, yet special, party food suggestions are … Read More

Baked Feta with Olives and Rosemary

Baked Feta with Olives and Rosemary

Baked Feta with Olives and Rosemary is the perfect appetiser for last-minute guests. It is quickly and easily prepared; just 10 minutes (or less) to prepare, and, while it bakes in the oven, you can open the wine. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the vibrant flavours of the Mediterranean. A recent visit to Greece inspired this lovely appetiser. Baked … Read More